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International Journal of Advance Microbiology and Health Research (IJAMHR)

I hereby want to invite you to submit a paper for the International Journal of Advance Microbiology and Health Research (IJAMHR).

We are pleased to inform you that we are started a new journal on health sciences and we are in the process of releasing our First Issue of First Volume of our journal. We would be grateful if you would submit a paper for to complete the first issue of first volume. Research Article, Review Article, Case Reports, and Brief Communication etc are welcome for possible publication in this issue.

It would be grateful if you could submit your paper on or before 15 September, 2017. If you are ready with the manuscript please submit your article at editorijamhr@gmail.com

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International Journal of Microbiology and Health Research

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October - December4 (2019)


 1. Prevalence of HCV Genotypes in Various Geographical Regions

Authors: Muthulakshmi B, Aswini Vijayakumar, Dimple Antony.

 2. A Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess the Effect of Ayurveda Dominated Multidisciplinary Intervention Compared to Individualised Education Plan in Children Suffering from Learning Disability with Hyperactivity

Authors: Dinesh K.S., Santhi Krishna A S and Reshmi Pramod

 3. A Review: Characteristics and Application of Amylase

Authors: Kumari Sweta, Swati Tyagi, Anchal Bamal

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July - September3 (2019)


 1. Association of Sulphonamide Resistance with Integron-bearing Uropathogenic Escherichia coli in Alexandria, Egypt

Authors: Ghada Hani Ali

 2. Study of Bacterial Pathogens and their Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern in Sputum Samples in Patients attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Navi Mumbai

Authors: Riya Kadam, Siddhesh Karanjekar, Kamanksha Mhatre, Vinayak Kamble, Yojana Kadam, Divya Kotian, Gurjeet Singh, A.D. Urhekar.

 3. Prevalence of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Clinical Isolates of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Haryana

Authors: Sameena Khan, Pratibha Mane, Jyoti Sangwan, Aishwarya J Ramalingam, Saima Mustaq

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January - MarchIssue 1 (2019)


 1. Anti-Oxidant and Antimicrobial Studies of Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi/Giloy) Stems and Roots under In Vitro Condition

Authors: Bhairav Prasad and Aditi Chauhan

 2. Chronic Overworking: Cause Extremely Negative Impact on Health and Quality of Life

Authors: Bhairav Prasad and Charu Thakur

 3. Antibiotics in Oral Surgery: Yes or No?

Authors: Dr. Juhi Puri, Dr. Shaheena Shaikh, Nehal Ambavat, Shrutika Kadam and Manasi Ghogare

 4. Antiinflammatory Activity of Stem Bark of Rhamnus purpureus

Authors: Charu Thakur and Bhairav Prasad

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