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International Journal of Advance Microbiology and Health Research (IJAMHR)

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We are pleased to inform you that we are started a new journal on health sciences and we are in the process of releasing our First Issue of First Volume of our journal. We would be grateful if you would submit a paper for to complete the first issue of first volume. Research Article, Review Article, Case Reports, and Brief Communication etc are welcome for possible publication in this issue.

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International Journal of Microbiology and Health Research

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July - SeptemberIssue 3 (2018)


 1. Synergistic Antibacterial Effect of Tea Leaves Extract and Penicillin Produced by Penicillium chrysogenum Isolated from Decaying Fruits and Vegetables

Authors: Bhairav Prasad

 2. Review on Zika Virus Infection: An Overview

Authors: Viraj Shah and Pradeep Kumar Singh

 3. Review on Bacterial Biofilms and its impact

Authors: Diriba Girmaye, Debela Abdeta and Yobsan Tamiru.

 4. Quantitative Buffy Coat: A Useful Tool for Diagnosis of Malaria

Authors: Singh Gurjeet, Raksha and Urhekar A.D.

 5. Evaluating the Correlation of Different Culture Media for the Identification and Isolation of Common Gram Positive Uropathogens and Yeast Causing UTI

Authors: Aarti Chaturvedi, Ritu Garg, Varsha A Singh

 6. Comparison of Phenotypic Methods for Detection of Metallo-Beta- Lactamases in Gram Negative Bacteria at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Saba Choudhary, Kanishtha Sharma, Aishiya Ishrat, Bashir Ahmad Fomda

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April - JuneIssue 2 (2018)


 1. Morphological Study and Variations of Gall Bladder

Authors: Sanjay Kumar Sah, Nazmeen Silotry, Haritha Kumari.

 2. Comparison of KOH, Calcofluor White and Culture for the diagnosis of Keratomycosis from a Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Kanishtha Sharma, Saba Choudhary, Varsha A. Singh

 3. Perception of Suicide among Higher Secondary Level Students

Authors: Nira Neupane, Sanjay Kumar Sah, Anupama Pradhan (Thaiba), Anjana Adhikari, Sabita Shah

 4. Knowledge Regarding Tracheostomy Care among Nursing Students

Authors: Anupama Pradhan(Thaiba), Nira Neupane, Sanjay Kumar Sah, Sushila Kuwar, Sabita Shah

 5. Molecular Diagnostic Methods for Multidrug Resistance in Tuberculosis: A Review

Authors: Lohi KM, Panchal SS and Chavan RP

 6. Nipah: A killer virus

Authors: Gurjeet Singh Raksha Anant D. Urhekar

 7. Seroprevalence of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Broiler Chicken by ELISA

Authors: Dattatraya V. Ombase, Rajesh R. Pharande, Sharmeela B. Majee, Rajashree S. Gandge, Varsha D. Thorat, S.A. Ingle, S.S. Moregaonkar

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January - MarchIssue 1 (2018)


 1. Detection of Mex Efflux Pumps in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a Multiplex Phenotypic and Genotypic

Authors: Sahar Yaslianifard, Mehdi Mirzaii, Ali Taheriniya, Shokoofeh Zamani, Zeynab Abdi Zamharir, Babak Behnam, Mohammad Mehdi Soltan-Dallal, Alireza Soleimani, Somayeh Yaslianifard

 2. Effect of Various Substrate and Process Parameters on the Production of Prodigiosin by Serratia mar

Authors: Bhairav Prasad

 3. Clindamycin Resistance among Staphylococcus aureus Clinical Isolates in Alexandria

Authors: Ahmed Gaballah, Abeer Ghazal

 4. Perception of Clinical Learning Environment among Nursing Students

Authors: Nira Neupane, Nirmala Pandey, Sanjay Kumar Sah

 5. Effect of Different Substrates on Yield and Nutritional Value of Pleurotus ostreatus and Evaluation

Authors: Diksha Rani

 6. Role of Liver Enzymes in Patients Infected with Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum

Authors: Gurjeet Singh, Raksha, Anant Dattatraya Urhekar, Ujwala Maheshwari, Parinita Samant.

 7. A Rare isolate of Kocuria kristinae in Catheterized Patient

Authors: Dinesh K, Chitraleka Saikumar

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